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Part 1
The Oriental Rug Gallery was established in 1989 in St.Albans, Hertfordshire by business partners Richard Mathias & Julian Blair, who between them had over 40 years experience in the industry.

Seeing a niche in the market for high quality, unique goods, they opened their Gallery which specialised in hand made oriental rugs imported directly from various countries around the world.

Over the years as trends and fashions changed, they realised the huge potential for contemporary bespoke rugs and founded Rug-Maker, which has grown into one of the leading custom rug manufactures in the market.

Rug-Maker designs and manufactures hand woven silk and wool rugs for corporate businesses
designers and of course the public; their rugs & carpets are now exported all round the world.

To enable clients to view the rugs in a chosen environment (office, drawing room etc), Rug-Maker, in association with their Nepalese partners has helped develop specialist design & presentation software that allows viewing ‘virtual rugs in situ’ before they are made.

After extensive research & development, Royal Mail has granted Rug-Maker an exclusive global license to manufacture Machin’s Stamp Rugs. Consequently, Stamp Rug.com was created to showcase this unique Stamp Rug collection.

The Company's reputation for excellent quality and high standards of design, manufacture and service is one of the reasons for their longevity and continued success in the industry.

Part 3

Each exclusive Stamp Rug is hand knotted by our highly skilled weavers in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal. The rugs are woven onto cotton warps and wefts and are made from 100% New Zealand wool.

Initially the looms have to be specially made for each different size rug. The high quality wool is then spun and dyed using aniline colours, which produce depth and clarity in the finished product. Finally, the weavers dexterously hand knot each unique rug from prepared graph paper images.

The culmination of the weavers’ experience combined with the highest quality materials creates the perfect hand made rug.

Each Stamp Rug is an individual work of art.
Stamp Rugs support GoodWeave

GoodWeave (formally known as RugMark International) is an international non- governmental organization working to end illegal child labour in the handmade rug industry and offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia. The GoodWeave certification label is issued to rug manufacturers that adhere to the GoodWeave standard, agree to its independent verification and voluntarily join as licensees.

Visit www.goodweavenpal.org and www.goodweave.org.uk for more information.
Stamp Rugs support GoodWeave