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Diamond Jubilee Machin

Diamond Jubilee Machin

Sale of final pieces
1.20m x 1.00m £425

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Royal Mail released a series of stamps to commemorate 60 years of her Majesty on the throne.

Rug-Maker was granted a licence to produce a Limited Edition Royal Mail Jubilee Stamp Rug.

The image of The Queen mirrors the timeless Machin design but with the inscription 'Diamond Jubilee' repeated in an ivory shade on the cool teal background colour.

The Queen's head is embossed on these unique Postage Stamp Rugs which are skillfully hand woven from 100% New Zealand wool in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal.

Featuring scalloped edges which mimic the perforations on Royal Mail Postage Stamps each rug is individually hand carved to create a stunning 3D effect.

Used as a conventional rug or hung on a wall for an alternative look, the Machin Diamond Jubilee Stamp Rug is the ultimate majestic design statement.