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How & where are the rugs made?

All our Stamp Rugs are hand woven in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal by highly skilled Tibetan and Nepalese weavers.

What are they made from?

All Stamp Rugs are woven from 100% New Zealand wool, knotted onto cotton warps and wefts.

How long does each Stamp Rug take to make?

Most of the 'standard size' Stamp Rugs take 12 weeks to weave. As the product is all handmade, this timescale may vary slightly.
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Is child labour involved?

No, we are a member of 'GoodWeave' a global nonprofit organisation working to end exploitative child labour in the handmade carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children. The 'Goodweave' label offers the best assurance that no child labour was used to make a carpet or rug.

What is The Machin Series?

The Machin Series of Postage Stamps is the main definitive stamp series in the United Kingdom. They consist simply of the sculptured profile of the Queen and a denomination and are almost always in a single colour.
Can I order any size Stamp Rug?

The sizes made have to be in proportion to the actual Royal Mail stamps. Please refer to our 'Rugs' page for available sizes.

Can I change the denomination?

The prices and colours are taken from the current 2010 Royal Mail Machin series

What dyes are used in The Stamp Rugs?

High quality Swiss analine dyes.

Will I need underlay?

If your Royal Mail Stamp Rug is being laid on a hard floor i.e. wood or tile, we would highly recommend using an underlay to stop it moving.
We can supply suitable underlay on request.
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Can you export the Stamp Rugs?

Yes we are happy to export the Rugs around the world and they can also be sent directly from Kathmandu.

Is delivery included in the price?

Delivery to any UK mainland address is included in the price of the Stamp Rug.
Prices for overseas delivery available on request.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes the prices quoted all include VAT at the current rate of 20%.