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Penny Red

Penny Red

After a year of design, development and continual sampling Stamp Rugs are excited to add the Penny Red to their existing collection of Royal Mail Stamp rugs.

The Penny Red & Black were the first stamps ever produced for sending mail and are perhaps the most famous stamps in the world . Millions were printed yet many were destroyed resulting in the original stamps now becoming very sought after by collectors around the globe.

They were produced with simple printing techniques which resulted in each print run looking slightly different in colour, a collectable uniqueness.

Rug-Maker has captured the look of these Victorian stamps by using Tibetan wool. The high lanolin content in the wool gives a varied & inconsistent colour palette when dyed, which gives the rug an aged appearance almost resembling an antique rug.

Each Penny Red Stamp Rug is unique and encapsulates both history and heritage in a contemporary rug.

The collection comprises of 6 stamp proportioned sizes with custom made sizes available on request.

Prices start from £695